Point of Origin

Point of Origin

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Sensing a major shift happening...how do I know? A sense of physical discomfort and disorientation makes everything, even trees and computers, feel alien to me. Not so easy to describe, so I stay in the proprioceptive mode, letting my body-mind dissolve into art.

This one has many photos in it...one of a Van Gogh painting, a multi-tented roof for a cactus greenhouse, the wall outside a bookstore in Pasadena (my photo) and the ever-present mandala called "The Deeper Well".

    Available in several sizes (see drop down order options)
    5 inch square giclée card-blank inside with envelope ● $12
    7.25 inch square giclée on Museo Max paper ● $45
    20 in square giclée on bamboo paper ● $180

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    image © Elsah Cort

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