Nine Patch

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The Nine Patch arrived in the early 1800’s as a way for women to quilt smaller squares on their laps as they traveled across our continent in covered wagons. This was a revolutionary idea for quilting, during a time when every bed was covered with a handmade quilt.
As I was drawn to make these “dress quilts”, in my mind I saw them displayed as a nine patch pattern of art. The dress quilts came about after reading a blog by artist Jude Hill who hand-quilts very interesting works that she calls “spirit cloth”. She inspired me to quilt without needle and thread and make these digital somethings. I love how we inspire each other via a kind of quilting bee with the internet as our connecting web. The dress celebrates the feminine in all of us.

So, as the dress quilts showed up and became a nine patch, I also saw how they represented the profound bagua pattern used for practicing feng shui. I love feng shui and have integrated it into my home, art studio, artwork and life over the past twenty years. The word bagua means eight-sided, and it becomes a nine patch when the eight sections are connected via the center called the tai chi or well-being.