Awaken Wesak

Awaken Wesak

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  • limited edition giclee prints (100), signed by the artist
We touch the heart.
We contain the truth.
We hold the gratitude.
In this way,
and only in this way,
we serve the human spirit
19 years ago I made a collage greeting card series, with magazine cutouts, called "Awaken Wesak" with the above poem on each card. On the back of the card was this decription of Wesak:
Wesak, the conjoining of the Buddha and the Christ
(the full moon when Sun is in the sign of Taurus, usually in May, sometimes in April)
We touch the Ultimate with each breath. We blend the outer breath as "inhale" with the inner breath as "exhale". It is a natural flow that contains all we need to know or be. When we are still, pausing between inhale and exhale or between exhale and inhale, we stand at the Door.
The Buddha teaches us the path to the Door, the Christ gives us the key to the Door. We enter the Door, when fully in mind and heart, we join our will with the Will of God, the Life of God, the Light of God and the Love of God.
At the Wesak Full Moon, the Earth is blessed with the linking of the Buddha and the Christ. It is a time for bringing forth new intuition, new rhythms, new serving — all transformed through the wisdom of the Buddha path and the "love-ye-one-another" heart of the Christ.
These two great Beings are working together in the NOW as servers for the Human Spirit. Let us hold them in deep gratitude and welcome a Wesak Awakening in our souls.

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      image © Elsah Cort

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