Behind the Mirror

Behind the Mirror

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One photograph was used to make this "mirror".
Imagine this: ALL humans standing before a huge mirror.
This mirror reflects back all of our conflicts, our "other selves" and each other with all the ways we misunderstand, dismiss, denigrate and label. Each day we are reacting to the so-called outward reality, thinking the "others" are bad, not like us, and need to be erased or subdued (or even killed). Not one of us can escape this mirror. Not one of us has figured it out completely or is able (until we choose to change in the now) to set aside judgment and allow love to seep in with its practical magic. I have never been so aware of so much work to be done. Our consensus reality is not what defines the world. It is the grist for change. Start where you are. Keep waking up, even if you feel groggy with it. What a time to be alive.

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    7.25 inch square giclée on Museo Max paper ● $45
    20 in square giclée on bamboo paper ● $180

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    image © Elsah Cort

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