Just One Ancestral Tapestry

Just One Ancestral Tapestry

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So many ancestral footsteps brought me to this now...I want to give them all a feast with every thought I welcome and all the breaths I take and each mystery I embrace.

Once during a sublime biodynamic craniosacral session many years ago, I lay so very, very still. I sensed my head turning to the left and I took a long look. I saw a long line of people standing, one behind the other, extending to infinity. Without audible words or movement, I asked. "Who are you?" "We are all your ancestors standing with you."

    Available in several sizes (see drop down order options)
    5 inch square giclée card-blank inside with envelope ● $12
    7.25 inch square giclée on Museo Max paper ● $45
    20 in square giclée on bamboo paper ● $180

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      digital collage mandala © Elsah Cort

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